Ali Alvarez

Ali Alvarez

ali mediumAli explores the qualities of movement, physics, breath, and awareness to create a practice that is beautiful, rigorous, and inventive.  She is known for her creative and dynamic style that incorporates challenging vinyassa with an intense slower pace.  When we take the luxury of time to build our awareness, we can begin to uncover the subtle places where strength grows into lightness through the power of surrender.

Fascinated with the relationship of the body and the vast potential of the mind, Ali completed a 12 foot fire walk under the motivational mastermind Anthony Robbins.  With humor and a passion for teaching Ali guides her students to approach their bodies in a loving, intelligent way that deepens the ability to listen, breathe, explore, and learn from the wisdom within.

Ali has taught yoga in groups and privates for over 10 years in Manhattan.  She has studied and practiced under teachers such as; Don and Amba Stapleton, Paula Tursi, Chrissy Carter, and  the Sanskrit work of Manorama.

Ali took a step back to birth her two children and took that time to discover a pre- and post natal practice for both herself and students.  During this quieter time of raising small children, Ali began a deeper exploration into the practices of cleansing, mediation, vison work and connecting to intuition and the higher self. She is currently studying the work of Jose Silva, Christie Marie Sheldon, and Teal Scott, (an Indigo Child and Spiritual Catatlyst).

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