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Introduction to Meditation with Leslie Spalding, Sunday evenings 7:30-8:45pm, starting this week

Introduction to Meditation with Leslie Spalding at Yoga Sol
Sundays 7:30-8:45 pm (starting 11/5) $20, or class card 
Leslie T. Spalding has been a Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator for over 15 years. His wise and caring teaching methods are based on a blend of modern New Age and Eastern spiritual practices. His remarkable experience began in 1992 during his 17 year career as a professional basketball player implementing Meditation, Mindfulness and Visualization to connect with the universe and to improve his athletic performance.Since then, Leslie has been showcased in various Meditation & Mindfulness Speaking Engagements, and Seminar workshops throughout the International region and USA.

Students are taught to connect with their own distinct inner voice that allows them to focus on the present moment and to have a more compassionate view of the world. The astonishing results achieved from this teaching method transcend time as these transformed individuals carry forward their new peaceful existence and mindful presence into society.

For the past 15 years, Leslie has been teaching and coaching in the independent school system (K-12) in the United States. As a teacher of Spanish, physical education, music and sports coach, he educates his students and players with Meditation, Mindfulness, and Visualization techniques. He also leads multiple adult Meditation, Mindfulness, and Visualization workshops throughout the tri-state area. Leslie is also has been a guest facilitator for the Community Mindfulness Project in New Canaan, Connecticut, and founder of the world music band, Sangha Tierra, and the non profit organization In Lak’Ech.

“Rather than being your thoughts, and emotions, be the awareness behind them” – Eckhart Tolle
  Benefits of Meditation & Mindfulness include: stress reduction, improved focus, built compassion, socially responsible, multiple health benefits, restoring balance, emotional regulation, and increased self confidence.
yogasolIntroduction to Meditation with Leslie Spalding, Sunday evenings 7:30-8:45pm, starting this week