Adult Yoga Group Drop-in Classes

Yoga Sol Group Class Descriptions:

Open Level Hatha: The Sanskrit words- “Ha”- sun and “tha” moon help define a practice to find balance in body, mind and spirit- balancing the ying and yang aspects of yoga The class involves working with the natural flow of energy (prana) in the body, harnessing strength through the breath and quieting the mind. This class uses physical poses (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dhyana) to achieve a greater sense of well-being and emotional balance. The postures will challenge the body and the mind. Modifications for all levels of practice are offered.  

Slow-flow Vinyasa: This class allows beginners and seasonal yogis alike to create their own synchronized dance, while learning poses and how to move, breathe, and stretch between poses. Slow-flow allows the practitioner time to evaluate how and when a pose should be modified, due to physical limitations or limitations in experience.  The practitioner also has the time to mentally engage with the body, as it moves through a flow.  The mind and body connection is one of the main goals when practicing Yoga.  All levels of Yoga practitioners can find their personal challenges, as they slowly and mindfully move through a slow-paced flow. The pace may be slower, but challenges will be present with difficulties to work through. Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga is a healing dance of moving meditation.

Aquarian Sadhana: This is a 2.5-hour practice given to us by Yogi Bhajan that’s so complete it offers enough to nourish your entire being: body, mind, and spirit. It will revitalize you through contact with the infinite during the early morning hours. The practice begins by chanting a beautiful poem written by Guru Nanak. This poem is called Japji Sahib or The Song of the Soul. Chanting Japji aligns the chakras, cleanses the ten bodies, and immerses us in the sacred sound current that prepares us for a most uplifting yoga and meditation practice. Just listening to the group chant this poem, one receives deep healing. After chanting, we begin our Kundalini practice with a kriya to bring vitality to every part of the body. We prepare our bodies to sit in meditation and be open to receiving the gifts of a quiet mind and a light heart. Then, we enjoy Savasana. We relax completely. We surrender. Next, we rise from our deep relaxation to sit in Easy Pose. as we begin to chant the seven mantras for the Aquarian Sadhana. All the chanting brings us into sharper awareness of the qualities of light, grace, wisdom, affection, and bliss that we all embody. We close the practice with The Long Time Sun, a few deeply chanted Sat Nam’s to remind us that truth is our name. We give gratitude to ourselves, to our practice and to each other before heading out into the world to begin the day with a higher level of awareness.”

Kundalini Yoga– is total mind, body and spirit fitness. Using a combination of breath, body locks (Bandhas), Mudra, Mantra and meditation, Kundalini is very effective in balancing and repairing the glandular, central nervous and immune systems. You will be lead through a Kriya signed to work on the movement of internal energy, removing emotional barriers, focusing on a specific area of the body and elevations the spirit. Sound healing us used to help increase the effects of the practice. Gongs and other assorted instruments are used during this time to promote vibrational healing and complete relaxation.    

Iyengar Basics + Ropes: Fine tune your alignment through the creative use of the rope wall and other props. By learning specific actions through these helpful tools, you will be able to access a new level of awareness and depth in your practice. You will then take this new found understanding with you into some breath-linked movement for a complete experience! 

Gentle and Yin: “the Quiet Practice,” this class can offer a compliment to your regular yoga practice or a whole host of benefits within itself- it is for seasoned as well as beginner Yogis. The practice is geared to relax the mind and body, as well as the muscles in order to access a deep stretch in the connective tissue, ligaments and joints. Most of the asana performed are floor poses and props are utilized- this class is accessible, adaptable and open to all bodies. Guided meditations and breath techniques may also be explored with emphasis on the subtle body. Yin can help you feel integrated and grounded on all levels. 

Gentle Yoga/ Yoga Basics These Yoga classes are open to all. Gentle Yoga and Yoga Basics are both slow flowing yoga classes designed for ease of practice while still challenging the body. This classes will utilize gentle flowing Asana with props to ensure safety and comfort. Gentle flow will be offer practitioners who may have feared practicing due to injury a safe place to begin practice again or to start a new practice to prevent future injury. 

Open and Moderate Kripalu Vinyasa: The sequence of postures, pranayama and meditation is designed to develop structural alignment, mindfulness and grace. Open is a class with modifications for all levels; Moderate is for students with at least a year of regular yoga practice. These classes have an emphasis on meditation, physical healing, and spiritual transformation that overflows from the yoga mat into daily life.

Open Level Vinyasa: This class is for all levels of practice and moves at a medium pace. In addition to a series of vinyasa (movement with the breath), balancing postures, some inversions (always optional), seated postures and meditation through movement. This is a balanced class- great for those who want to build strength and endurance, mental focus and gain a greater sense of well-being. The focus is on calming the mind through an deeper awareness of the body. Modifications are offered for different levels of practice.

Moderate Vinyasa: For students with a regular yoga practice of over a year. This class will creatively explore postures and transitions between poses in both a challenging and fun way.

Yoga Pilates Blend: Yoga and Pilates blended in the most beautiful way. This hour-long class will focus on the breath as well as challenging and improving core strength, flexibility and awareness while strengthening and toning muscles. All levels of practice are welcome and new students are encouraged. 

Gentle and Restorative: This is a class designed for beginners as well as seasoned yogis. This is a time to completely relax, unwind and renew. With the help of props, comfortable poses are held for several minutes. This Restorative practice involves both the body and the mind, so its relaxing, healing and meditation benefits are embodied, rather than simply intellectually understood. It helps to quiet the mind, relax the body and balance the nervous system. No yoga experience is necessary. 

Creative Basics (slow/ gentle): This class is suitable for all students, including seniors. Foundational yoga postures are explored creatively using chairs, props and incorporating different movement modalities. This is an accessible and adaptable class. Creative Asana II (slow/ moderate): Exploring asana practice from a creative and playful expression. A more advanced practice that draws inspiration from many movement modalities designed to deepen your practice, and your connection to self.

Prenatal Yoga: One week at a time we come together to find grounding and support in a time of great change. We prepare the body both mentally and physically for birth and motherhood. Care is taken to modify all poses for the needs of both growing mother and baby. 


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