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New! Mid-winter class for ages 7-9 – 4 week series on Fridays 4:45-5:30pm, starting 3/2- “Stress-busting”- learning how to handle emotions and energy with Kristy Cohen

WHO: Ages 7-10yrs. 
WHAT: New Budding Yogis Class: Stress Busting Techniques—how to get from 😤 ➤ 😌,with Kristy Cohen, E-CYT, E-CKYT
WHEN: Begins March 2 @ 4:45-5:30p (runs consecutively through 3/23)
WHERE: 5 Old Post Rd. South
HOW:  Register here-  total cost $88
This series will focus on kid specific strategies and skills to handle emotions and energy. Students will learn to manage their behavior and emotions through yoga poses and mindfulness techniques. At the end of four weeks, they will have tools on how to calm the body and mind.
yogasolNew! Mid-winter class for ages 7-9 – 4 week series on Fridays 4:45-5:30pm, starting 3/2- “Stress-busting”- learning how to handle emotions and energy with Kristy Cohen
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New! Winter Adult Classes



Sundays 9-10:15am All-Level Vinyasa with Cathy Deutchman

Tuesdays 10-11:15am Healing Hatha with Michelle Garrison Hough

Wednesdays 9:30-10:45 Yin Yoga with Kristy Cohen

Wednesdays 6-7:15pm All-level Vinyasa & Kundalini Meditation with Susanna Johnston (Alexa Oth is subbing the entire month of December

Thursdays 7:15-8:30pm Yoga for EveryBODY with Gem Mitchell                                                                                      

Fridays 4:45-5:45pm Hatha 1 with Deborah Layton

Sundays 6-7:15pm Embodied Healing with Alexa Oth
Registration required

yogasolNew! Winter Adult Classes
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Yoga Sol Kids- Fall schedule and Registration

Yoga Sol Kids Fall 2015 Registration Form

Space in each class is very limited, please register soon.

IMG_1848Budding Yogis (5-9 yrs)

Mondays, 3:30- 4:15pm with Kristy Cohen (9/14-12/7)CLASS IS FULL

Tuesdays, 4:15pm- 5:00pm with Kristi Lynch (9/15-12/8)

Students learn how everyday physical, mental and emotional challenges can be recognized and managed through the use of yoga poses, breath work and visualizations.

12 week sessions- $225.


Tween Yoga (10-13yrs)

Thursdays, 4:30- 5:30pm with Cathy Anfiteatro- CLASS IS FULL

Tween stress is becoming more widely understood and common. Participating in a yoga practice can help teens relieve this stress, explore who they are, and provide a positive influence of themselves and their bodies for the rest of their lives. Tween yoga classes will offer tools to guide students in self exploration, provide ways to handle stress, anger, anxiety, depression and other challenges facing this transitional time from child to teenager.

12 week session- $225. (9/17-12/17- no class on Thanksgiving)


Young Warriors (boys- 10-13)

Thursdays, 3:30- 4:15pm with Kiernan Villeneuve

A fun and challenging yoga class that meets tween boys right where they are. Laughter and energy are highly encouraged! The focus is on feeling good in your body and understanding how that leads to feeling good about yourself in every way. The boys build strength, balance and flexibility while they learn breathing and stillness techniques to help calm the senses.

12 week session- $225. (9/17-12/17- no class on Thanksgiving)

yogasolYoga Sol Kids- Fall schedule and Registration
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Reiki II certification with Lori Jo Siegel

* For Beginners and Experienced Reiki Practitioners

“Reiki” means universal life force energy. It is a system of natural healing involving the laying -on of hands. It is a Japanese technique developed by a Christian minister in Kyoto, Japan.
Reiki is a gentle, non -invasive, hands on energy transfer technique which removes energy constrictions and blocks , reduces stress, increases relaxation & creates a profound sense of peace and well-being. Reiki is a simple, and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement. It may be used to treat a wide range of physical & emotional problems, often as a complimentary treatment to standard medical care or psychotherapy.



Second Degree Reiki- Sunday August 16th 11-5:30pm In second degree reiki you will learn how to give a complete hands on Reiki treatment using 3 sacred Reiki symbols and receive one too. You will receive a Reiki 2 attunement. This training empowers you to 3 sacred symbols that allows you to focus Reiki for mental/emotional healing and health . Second degree Reiki teaches you how to send Reiki distantly through time and space. We we learn how to use Reiki while working off the body.

 $250. Register

Lori Jo Siegel is a supportive, fun-loving compassionate teacher. She has been a Reiki Master and Practitioner for 15 years and has studied various forms of energy medicine since 1996. Lori Jo is also a Karuna Reiki Master, Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner, IET Practitioner (Integrative Energy Therapy), Karma Release Practitioner, and retired Elementary School Teacher. Lori Jo makes learning Reiki fun and easy.

yogasolReiki II certification with Lori Jo Siegel
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Guided Meditation- learning to live “in the now” with Berty- Friday March 13th 8:30-9:30pm

Friday, March 13th- 8:30 pm to 9:30 pmimages-18
Come a meet in the present moment… where life is.

An exploration and meditation- in real time, in the NOW.

This is a call for those who are willing to step, united, into the present moment and recharge our batteries- here and now.

We look to gain strength from detaching from drama, letting go and recognizing the abundance of life within the wholeness of our soul.

Come- open up your heart a bit more and step forward- accepting and surrendering to the beauty of all. Join us for enlightening conversation and meditation. Space is limited, so please reserve a spot now

Please wear comfortable clothes . $6- 10 Suggested donation.

Discover what being in the NOW can bring to your life.



yogasolGuided Meditation- learning to live “in the now” with Berty- Friday March 13th 8:30-9:30pm
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