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A Special Evening of Self-Care- Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Meditation with Alexa- Friday October 19th 7-9pm

A special evening of Self- Care

Restorative Yoga with Reiki and Meditation with Alexa

Friday October 19th 7-9pm
Indulge in 120 minutes of self-care reviving the body, mind and spirit 


Alexa will lead the class through gentle yoga to warm the spine then a series of delicious Restorative poses, and ultimately a guided mediation. 

The Chopra Institute’s Benefits of Restorative Yoga:

Soothing to the Nervous System

The slower pace and deep breathing that you get in a restorative yoga class triggers the parasympathetic nervous system from the very first pose. The overall calming effect on the nervous system sets a deeply relaxing tone for the class that comforts your mind and body down to the cellular level.

Encourages Mindfulness

Restorative yoga could just as easily be called “mindful yoga” due to the expanded awareness of self and body that comes through the practice. Slower movements cultivate space for a deeper experience of the poses and the breath. 

Fosters Transcendence

The practice of restorative yoga in and of itself often leads to a transcendent experience of deep oneness with the universal level of consciousness. Each pose and each breath serves to lead you further up the ladder of expanded awareness.

Cultivates Heightened Body Awareness

The comfortable pace of restorative yoga opens the doorway to a deeper understanding of your own body, letting you actually feel what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience. 

Deepens Self-Awareness and Introspection

Restorative yoga opens us up to new levels of self-exploration and contemplation, allowing your inner being to shine forth.

Creates Deliberateness of Action

 You can see the direct cause and effect relationship between your poses, breathing, and overall level of well-being. As this experience continues to deepen, you begin to make more deliberate and attentive choices, both on and off the mat.

Strengthens Acceptance and Detachment

By its very nature, the restorative yoga practice is the antithesis of the “no-pain-no-gain” mentality. You receive the greatest benefits from your practice not through forcing yourself into a pose, but by releasing and surrendering to it.

Helps You Feel Safe and Nurtured

In daily life it’s easy to get pulled into the insecurity that is a byproduct of the modern world. Many people move through their days haunted by fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Restorative yoga provides you with a safe harbor wherein you can reconnect with your true nature, which is immortal, invincible, pure, and nourishing. 

This class is for everyone :-).
Alexa will incorporate healing Reiki energy throughout the class. 
Space is limited- $30.
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yogasolA Special Evening of Self-Care- Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Meditation with Alexa- Friday October 19th 7-9pm