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Happy New Moon, Eclipse Cycle in Aquarius- The Rain Falls on Everyone

Emotions run high whenever there is an eclipse, energy is abound and it may leave you feeling a bit out of sorts. Traditionally a new or dark Moon is a time for solitude and reflection. Because the Moon or emotional mind, is dark at this time we can easily quell its fluctuations and chatter, allowing us to connect to our deepest truth with ease. Mediation now can bring clarity and sense of hope for something to come— ask yourself what needs to be released at this time, and visualize what may come in its place. Perhaps it is an outworn behavior, obsession or feeling that tugs on you and takes you out of the moment, thwarting progress and your highest good or it may be an action you need to take. Three days before and after a new moon are best spent keeping a low-profile, so hold off on any grand actions for a few days and spend this time preparation. Be vigilant of any psychological shadows, ask that they be revealed and released, to move forward. The eclipse that coincides with this Moon, amplifies its energy and effect. Let’s take a look at the astrological significations of the Moon’s position to understand how we can utilize its power, shatki. This new moon falls in the nakshatra, or star sign of Purvabhadra Pada, in the sign of Aquarius. It gives the desire to cultivate spiritual heat, to burn through impurities of the mind; out of that comes the power to to bring rain, or to quells one’s passions giving an even temperament and benevolence. This Moon is also in association with every planet, including Saturn by sign rulership, amplifying its energy and increasing it’s significance. Be aware, do good, and smile.
The New Moon will fall in a particular house according to your rising sign, or lagna — find your lagna below. This house will take on more importance during this 28 day cycle. If the Moon falls in an angular house, 1, 4, 7 or 10, you can expect a public event. If it falls in houses 2, 5, 8, or 11 you can expect an opportunity or offer but you must grasp it! If it falls in houses, 3, 6, 9 or 12, you must make a psychological adjustment or change. For example, if your lagna is Pisces, the New Moon eclipse falls in the 12th house asking that you release or change something that is subtle and psychological by nature.

AQUARIUS-First house: Confidence, ego, vitality, path and purpose. Are you getting the recognition you deserve or earned?
CAPRICORN-Second house: Financial security, income, gathering assets, speech. How is your self-worth?
SAGITTARIUS-Third house: Communication, skills, effort, mental capacity, courage, sharing with others. Are you participating and serving others?
SCORPIO-Fourth house: Psychological outlook, home, vehicles, peace of mind, mother. Are you taking care of inner life and responsibilities at home?
LIBRA-Fifth house: Creativity, children, art, intelligence/judgment, spiritual knowledge. Are you enjoying the process of creativity and having responsible fun?
VIRGO-Sixth house: Competition, service, debt, obstacles, health/healing. Are you making consistent efforts to improve your situation?
LEO-Seventh house: Marriage, business partnerships, contracts. What is the state of your emotional connections to others, are you dependable?
CANCER-Eight house: Joint resources/support, transformative processes, hidden affairs, research. What are you holding on to and what can you accept and release?
GEMINI-Ninth house: Faith, foreign travel, spirituality, philosophy, morals/ethics. Are you showing up for others in your community?
TAURUS-Tenth house: Professional status, leadership, authority, achievement. How do you use your power?
ARIES-Eleventh house: Gains, associations with organizations, hopes, friends, goals. What are you giving back to the world via your associations?
PISCES-Twelfth house: solitude, foreign places, loss or expense, charity. Are you aware of and in touch with the spiritual realms or materialistically minded?

Short Moon Mediation: Take a few deep breathes, engage your diaphragm, feel the sensation of the breathe move though the body, let the mind follow the sensations. Now still the body, and continue with a deep, even breathe for a few moments. Reflect on where this New Moon falls in your birth chart and ask what awareness it is offering you, ask for guidance. Take a few moments in silence before gently opening your eyes. As the Moon waxes to full, take stock half way through the cycle at the Full Moon for insights gained. The Full Moon occurs March 23, 2016 in Purva Phalguni, the sign of Leo, in the house opposite of your new moon house.
with love and light,
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